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Interview with Deividas about his Workation

Date: 2021-11-25 Author: Gerda Skirkevičiūtė



Around two years ago, we were struck by the global pandemic of COVID-19, which shook the whole world. Among the list of many terrible things the pandemic has brought, it also forced companies to send their employees to work from home, and remote working became our normality. 

In Koditus, we always were more flexible. One of our goals is to allow every employee to create a comfortable work environment tailored to their needs and preferences, whether on-site or fully remote. It wasn’t a surprise when our colleague Deividas announced he is relocating to Spain for six months. On this note, we want to share his experience. 

We had a call with Deividas to ask about his experience of working remotely from a different country, the most challenging part, and what he enjoyed the most. 


Koditus: So Deividas, tell us, what was the most challenging part about moving to and working from a different country? 

Deividas: I think the most challenging part was to adapt to the idea that this is a workation and not a vacation. Spain is a vibrant, warm country, and I was eager to explore and try new activities. But soon enough, I adapted. To be fair not much has changed, apart from a different room interior and understanding that I am not in Lithuania. I came to Spain in my car, so I brought all my gear with me. I created a very familiar environment for myself. 

Koditus: You mentioned that you were eager to try new activities. What kind of new things have you tried so far? 

Deividas: This country has a very different landscape from Lithuania and has many hills, so I started hiking, exploring new cities and Spain’s culture in so many ways. My apartment is near the beach, so I get to spend a lot of time playing volleyball and just relaxing in the sun.

Koditus: That sounds dreamy! What about cultural differences? What are the most significant things you noticed?

Deividas: Spanish people are more open and relaxed, but we aren’t as different as I thought we were. 

Koditus: So what do you like the most about this workation?

Deividas: I love the warm weather! Since there isn’t much rain in Spain, I get to be outdoors much more often, plan my free time more freely and enjoy my hobbies more frequently. 

Koditus: What made you decide to move to Spain and work from a different country?

Deividas: One of the main reasons why I decided to move to a different country for a while is because many of my friends were enrolled on the Erasmus program and had a chance to combine studies with travel, and I never took that chance. Last year, I enrolled in a work and travel program, but since the pandemic took over the world, I wasn’t able to go anymore. After my failed plans, I stayed in Lithuania and joined Koditus, where working remotely wasn’t a problem, so I could fulfil my dream. 

Koditus: What would be your advice to someone considering the same thing- working from a different country?

Deividas: Firstly, to find a place they would like to stay in for a while. Also, consider what kind of lifestyle is suitable for them (calm or more lively) or what they want to experience and choose a city accordingly. It’s important to research if cities are less touristy, smaller cities could be expensive. And most importantly, it’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone, explore the place thoroughly, meet new people, understand the culture and take in every experience.

Koditus: Would you consider repeating this experience in the future?

Deividas: I think that I would. Currently, I am thinking about more exotic places, but it depends on what will inspire me at that moment. I think I just need to try and go for it, while there are still many opportunities for me. I had an idea to try out the Bali lifestyle for a couple of months, but I would shorten my stay because I don’t want the routine to kick in. I would rather move around and see more places. Also, I have an idea to take motorbike driving lessons and get a license to move around more quickly. It’s much cheaper and easier parking-wise. Thinking I would explore much more by travelling light.

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