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Upgrading a Leading Company’s POS System with Our Exceptional .NET Developers

Date: 2023-05-22 Author: Viktorija Unglinikaite

As a provider of skilled .NET developers, we excel in integrating with our client’s teams and delivering remarkable results. A notable example is our partnership with a leading company in a highly regulated industry.


The corporate client was tasked with migrating their Point of Sale (POS) system to a new technology within a stringent timeline. Their in-house developers required familiarisation with the latest technologies to ensure a swift and proficient solution.


We provided two seasoned WPF developers who collaborated seamlessly with the client’s team on the migration. The upgraded POS system included enhanced features such as:


  • Bank terminal payments integration, which streamlined the payment process;
  • Fiscal module integration, fulfilling the requirements of Lithuanian Fiscal Law;
  • Database optimisation and modernisation, bolstering system performance and scalability;
  • Implementation of a cross-selling technique to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.
As lead developers, our specialists provided consultation on architecture, guided solution implementation, and tool selection while mentoring the in-house junior developers. Some of his key contributions included:
  • Integrating the payment terminal
  • Creating a custom WPF Control library for use across the entire application
  • Advising on the implementation of MVVM and other patterns


Our client expedited their development timeline and successfully migrated the POS system. The company’s employees now benefit from an efficient and user-friendly design poised for integration into other regions. This case study exemplifies our commitment to client satisfaction and seamless team integration.

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