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.NET Team Extension

We would be delighted to support, extend and augment your existing teams with our experts.

Our Process


Talent Pool

We have a dedicated talent pool of specialists ready to join your project within 1-2 months.


Project Needs Assessment

We collect all the necessary information about your project requirements, including technology, duration, and roles you need to fill.


Specialist Selection

Based on your project needs, we carefully select specialists from our talent pool.

We provide you with anonymous CVs of the selected specialists who are best suited for the task.


Interview and Evaluation

You have the opportunity to conduct interviews with the selected specialists to assess their competencies.

Programming tasks can be assigned to evaluate the level of expertise.


Contract and Confidentiality

Once you have chosen the preferred team members, we proceed with signing a contract and confidentiality agreement.


Specialist Integration

Our specialists join your team for the agreed duration, ready to contribute their expertise to the project.


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